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Dash Cam W/ IR Night Vision Loop Recording and 2" IPS Screen 1080P 3 Camera SKU 65003

Dash Cam W/ IR Night Vision Loop Recording and 2" IPS Screen 1080P 3 Camera SKU 65003

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Dual-Lens Car DVR: Comprehensive Road Monitoring and High-Definition Video

This Dual-Lens Car DVR is your vigilant companion on the road. Let’s break down its impressive features:

  • Dual-Lens Camera: Equipped with three cameras—front, inside, and rear—the Baideluo captures a 360-degree view. Whether you’re navigating traffic or checking your backseat, this camera has you covered.
  • Reverse Image Capture: When you’re backing up, the reverse image capture function kicks in. It records crucial details like license plates, ensuring you have evidence in case of incidents.
  • Loop Recording: No need to worry about running out of storage. The loop recording feature ensures continuous recording, overwriting old footage as needed. It’s your reliable eyewitness on the road.
  • High-Definition Video: It delivers crystal-clear video quality. Whether it’s capturing license plates, road signs, or scenic views, you’ll have detailed footage at your fingertips.

Warm Reminders:

  • Built-in Battery: The battery serves only for time and date updates. Connect it to your power supply during operation.
  • Memory Card: Opt for a high-speed Class 10 memory card for optimal performance.
  • Original Car Charger: Stick to the original charger—no shortcuts!
  • Wiring: Avoid unauthorized changes to prevent any mishaps.

Stay safe, stay informed—choose this Dual-Lens Car DVR for your road adventures!

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