Who is Doris Jocelyn and How Did She Become Insanely Popular


Doris Jocelyn is a name that has been making waves in the world of social media, particularly on TikTok. Born on March 28, 1996, in Veracruz, Mexico, Doris Jocelyn is a 28-year-old social media influencer, makeup artist, and digital content creator. She is known for her unique makeup transition videos, beauty content, relationship videos, and dance content.

Rise to Fame

Doris Jocelyn began posting TikToks regularly in early 2020. One of her first videos was a skit involving an extraterrestrial. However, it was her unique approach to makeup and her ability to incorporate her Mexican culture into her content that truly set her apart.

The Asoka Trend

Doris Jocelyn’s popularity skyrocketed when she adopted a viral trend known as ‘Asoka’ and gave it a Mexican twist. The ‘Asoka’ trend is a makeup trend based on the aesthetics of an Arabic television series, which showcases transitions of a person applying makeup between dance steps and changing looks.

On May 2, 2024, Doris Jocelyn posted a video following the ‘Asoka’ trend movements and aesthetics, but with the colors red, green, and white, signifying the Mexican flag. This was just the beginning of her journey to stardom.

The Viral Video

On May 20, 2024, Doris Jocelyn posted a 1-minute and 13-second video on her social media profiles. In this video, she recreated the ‘Asoka’ trend but gave it a complete Mexican makeover. She maintained the movements and transitions of the original trend but changed the music to a medley of Mexican sounds and songs. She also incorporated looks that represent Mexican culture.

This video quickly went viral, accumulating more than 96 million views on TikTok and nearly 2 million more on Instagram. The internet applauded her creativity, talent, and effort to uplift Mexican culture.


Doris Jocelyn is a shining example of how social media platforms can be used to showcase one’s talents and creativity to the world. Her unique approach to the ‘Asoka’ trend not only made her insanely popular but also brought global attention to Mexican culture. With over 20 million followers on TikTok, Doris Jocelyn continues to inspire and entertain her audience with her innovative content.

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