Top 8 Jewelry Cases For Travel

Top 8 Jewelry Cases For Travel

Jewelry is one of the items that people tend to lose while they travel because of their size. Who doesn’t want to keep their precious jewelry safe when they are on a trip? Previously people would stock their jewelry in a sock or a polythene bag, but thanks to the invention of jewelry cases — you can now carry your jewelry safely with you around the world.

From leather jewelry boxes to lockable jewelry boxes, there are a number of varieties of jewelry cases. Let’s have a look at the top 8 jewelry cases for travel.



With a display of sophistication,  Unity Refresh’s Utopi Leather Jewelry Box for Travel is your best travel buddy. It ensures protection of your jewelry without tangling them together.

It is easy to use and spacious, made of high quality PU leather. The aim behind this is to keep the jewelry in an organized manner as it has different spaces for different kinds of jewelry; from rings, to bracelets, it can fit all.

Once you are done traveling, you can also display this jewelry box on your dressing table or nightstand — it will add to the beauty of your room.




Tired of losing your beautiful studs or nose pins every time you go travelling? Well, say hello to Unity Refresh’s UTOPI LEATHER JEWELRY BOX FOR TRAVEL S2 . With just the right functionality and storage space, this jewelry organizer can store all kinds of jewels from long necklaces to rings and bracelets. It has a different pouch-shaped storage where you can keep your minimal jewels.

It has a spacious interior and a range of colors to choose from. A beautiful pastel pink, black, and white-colored box with six different spaces for your jewelry is what makes this case your jewelry case travel buddy.




Remember those elegant jewelry boxes our childhood tales princesses had? Unity Refresh’s UTOPI JEWELRY BOX WITH MIRROR AND LOCK S2 is your “dream jewelry case”. From being super spacious to having a touch of elegance, this jewelry case can be a good addition to your dressing table once you are done travelling.

It has different storage for each kind of jewelry. For instance, you have a different space for your rings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, etc. What makes it stand out is the cute little drawers this jewelry box comes with. From a beautiful elegant design to a soft felt interior, PU leather exterior, and no zip hassle, Utopi leather jewelry box is your perfect travel buddy.



Obsessed with cute little drawers? From cute little drawers to different compartments and lock facility, Unity Refresh’s LUVARIE LEATHER JEWELRY BOX WITH LOCK is the perfect mix of security and charm.

It has a spacious interior and a range of colors to choose from. A beautiful pastel pink, green, and blue colored box with three different spaces for your jewelry along with a mirror are what makes this case your jewelry case travel buddy. What makes this jewelry box stand out in the locker system, it ensures better security and safety of your precious jewels.


5. Quinn Small Leather Jewelry Box, Shadow Printed - Pottery Barn

Just the right fit for your tote handbag, This Quinn Small Leather Jewelry box by Pottery Barn could store all kinds of your everyday jewels —  so do not be fooled by its size. If you have to travel for an office meeting or for vacations and need to carry minimal jewelry, this jewel case is the right pick for you.


Moreover, it could also be an adorable addition to your dressing table once you return to your home. It has small, spacious compartments that are the best storage for your minimal studs, earring, and rings.


6. Stowit Mini Jewelry Box- West Elm

West Elm's jewelry case can fit almost all of your travel jewels. It has three different compartments for storing your hoops, long earring, or rings. It has a beautiful color theme. This product does not have a small organized set of dividers or pockets hence, it is an exceptional case for keeping in heavy bangles and neckbands.


7. Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Armoire - Pottery Barn

Who doesn’t like pottery barn? This time, the pottery barn has set the bar higher for jewelry cases. From a portable case with different storages for each kind of jewelry, Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Armoire is just the right travel buddy you need.

It can store your bracelets, rings, anklets, and even your minimal jewels like studs, nose pins, ear rings. Say goodbye to your fear of losing your minimal jewels because this jewelry case by the pottery barn is here to save your day.


8. Grand Lacquer Jewelry Box - West Elm

This trendy classic jewelry box by West Elm is a perfect travel buddy for all the girls out there. It consists of dividers that can help you separate and organize your jewelry in order for it to be manageable. A separate space is provided to keep in small studs and rings so that they do not get lost amidst the rest of the jewelry.

This box comes with an attached mirror which can assist you in getting ready regardless of where you are. What makes this box a more preferred choice is that it comes with a mini lock — so you know your jewelry is organized and safe.


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