How to Clean a Diamond Ring

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Any ring, gold or diamond, tends to get dirty, especially if worn every day. Do you miss your diamond ring's sparkly look? Worry not; we got you covered.

Cosmetic residue and our everyday wear cause our diamond rings to get dirty. They are filthy looking and attract bacteria that lead to skin irritation, scratching of stone, and discoloration. Where cleaning might be an easier option, but isn't prevention better than cure? Well, if you agree, then grab your jewelry boxes that are not only airtight to protect your ring from discoloration but are also aesthetically beautiful.

Although you can always take your diamond ring to a jeweler for cleaning purposes, it's good to know a few tips to clean them for emergency purposes.


5 Tips to Clean your Diamond Ring at Home

Diamond ring ruined by makeup, hand cream, lotion, or perfume? You don't need to worry about going to your jeweler — with these five simple steps now; you can clean your ring all by yourself.

However, before beginning, make sure you check your diamond ring's condition. If it has solid claws or if the diamond is out of its original position, you will have to take it to a jeweler immediately. Cleaning a damaged ring at home will cause further damage to it.


Soak in a Dishwashing Liquid and Baking Soda Mixture

All of these can make your diamond rings look dirty, from cosmetic residuals to hand cream, perfume, makeup, and lotion. However, the cosmetic residual is the most common reason. To make your diamond ring sparkle again like a brand new ring, soak it for 20 to 40 minutes into the following mixture:

  1. One cup warm to hot water.
  2. One tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
  3. One tablespoon of baking soda


Gently Brush your Diamond Ring

You do not want any bacteria in or near your mouth, so take a new toothbrush or an old used toothbrush and keep it separate to only clean your jewelry. Another reason is that this way, your cleaning brush will stay softer and cleaner for a long time.

You need to brush your diamond stone with the toothbrush bristles. The toothbrush you are looking for here is the one without the rubber bristles. You can use a children's toothbrush or buy a new one for cleaning purposes. Moreover, ensure you brush the lower part of the stone because it is in contact with your skin the most and can build up dirt in the surrounding areas.


Place your Diamond Ring Under Running Water

Once you have gently scrubbed your ring, leave it in clean hot water for another five minutes and then place it under running water. Your aim here is to rinse your ring under warm running water. Rinse it until you are satisfied with the look.

Tip: put the plug before rinsing — you don't want to lose your engagement ring to the running water.


Gently Dry your Diamond Ring With Towel

Once you have achieved the cleanliness you were aiming for, it's time to dry the ring. Use cotton or linen cloth. Do not use hard material on your ring when drying; or otherwise, the fabric will leave scratches all over your diamond. Air dry your diamond ring if you don't want to use a towel out of extra care.


Other Alternatives



You can soak your diamond ring in a mixture of 1 cup warm water with a ¼ cup of ammonia. Leave your ring in this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub it using a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse it in running water, and towel-dry it.


White Vinegar

Drop your diamond ring in a jar of vinegar and let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep stirring occasionally. Once you notice that the vinegar's color has changed, take your rings, rinse them under running water, and towel-dry it.



Consider the tips for cleaning your diamond rings, and let us know which one brought your ring's sparkle back! Once again, keeping your precious jewelry safe and clean is crucial. Click here to buy your jewelry cases now!


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