Exercise At Home For Weight Loss

Exercise At Home For Weight Loss

According to a survey, 80% gym memberships are left unused

During COVID-19 almost all the activities from offices to the gym have now become online. Most people took advantage of quarantine and started off their weight loss or fitness journey at home. Working out at home might sound boring because of lack of equipment and trainer, but what if we told you that you can now workout at home using good quality equipment?

Keep reading to learn about easy and pocket-friendly workout equipment that can help you transform your body.


Looking for exercises and equipment that can help you achieve your dream hourglass figure? Look no more; Unity refresh’s waist slimmer is here to help you achieve your goal. Through its premium multi-layer design, it helps your body to sweat three times more than what you normally do. Along with helping you lose weight, it also helps your body stay firm and maintain its shape.

Unlike other waist shapers, Unity Refresh waist shaper does not slip down; it has a customizable fit that helps it stay in place. You can also wear this during a workout or when going out. It has proved to improve posture and ease back pain.


From an adjustable resistance level to an LCD monitor to calculate your workout time and calories, Unity Refresh’s under desk exerciser is just the right choice for people who look for safe exercise equipment.

It can be used for both; your arms and your legs. So if you are someone who has a job that requires sitting for long, this product is worth investing in. It has a non-slip bottom and can be adjusted according to your foot size.

It helps build strong muscles on the upper and lower body, burns calories, keeps progress, reduces the risk of sitting diseases, and improves blood circulation.

Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse with (1LB) Memory Foam Handles and Thick Speed Cable









As kids, we all have used jumping ropes. It is not only one of the best cardio exercises but also helps tone the muscles. Jump rope is considered better than running; a recent study shows that jump ropes burn 25% more calories than running.

The best part of jump ropes is that they do not require much space, and can be taken anywhere, for example when you are traveling or if you are going to the park.

Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse is ergonomically designed with foam handles that keep the user comfortable. It is easily adjustable from 10ft down to whatever length you prefer. Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty.

Vector X AB Roller Evolution Roller Workout Exerciser

Suffering from back or neck strain? Looking for that perfect abs and biceps? Well, this is just the right product for you. Vector X AB roller not only helps build abs but also focuses on your lower body muscles such as hips or thighs.








Its sturdy, ergonomic design is what helps maintain strength (did you know that AB roller requires more strength than crunches?). It can support your head, neck, or upper body, hence it is safe to be used with weight to apply extra resistance. It helps tone your core muscles.

Another great thing about the Vector X AB roller is its size; it can be taken to the park or when you are traveling — you need to burn those vacation calories? Vector X AB roller is your workout buddy!


TRX All-in-one Suspension Training System

One thing most people miss about outdoor gyms is the flexibility and variety. But worry not, with the TRX All-in-one Suspension training system, you can not have gym-like fun at home. This can attach to any door, tree, or rafters. It could be used for rotation, squats, planks, lunges, pushing, or pulling exercises. It helps strengthen the core and tone your overall body.

It comes with an exercise guide and workout list making it a good option for beginners.

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